Maternity sessions can last up to 2 hours. Usually in the comfort of your home but can also be on location if the weather llows it. I am looking to capture a intimate and timeless moment using mostly natural light.

When to schedule

The best time to schedule maternity pictures is between 30 and 36 weeks. That is the time when the belly is showing enough and you are still comfortable to go through the photoshoot without too much discomfort.

I am available weekdays and weekends. I usualy book sessions 2 weeks in advance. I love to work with natural light in your favorite environement. Natural light is best between sunrise and a few hours before sunset.

What to wear?

For maternity, it's all about the belly. Keep it simple and COMFORTABLE. Natural make up, your favorite hair style, natural looking manicure...

Where to have the session?

Wherever you please! Indoors or outdoors, its up to you. I am willing to travel to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and downtown Jersey City. Further locations may require an additional transportation fee.

How to schedule my session?

If you decided that you want to book a session with me you can contact me by email or call me. All of my information is available on the Contact Me page. We will then work on the best time and location for you.

And after?

It usually takes about 2 weeks to edit all pictures and download them into a private gallery.

Feel free to email me:

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