Irina's maternity photo session.

It was such a pleasure getting to shoot Irina's maternity photos. Her and her husband have a very cute little apartment with a wonderful sunlight hitting the bedroom window.

Irina Maternity-2.jpg

I love how she kept her makeup and hair very natural, allowing her pregnancy glow to show.

Irina Maternity-3.jpg
Irina Maternity-5.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the preview!

I remember when she put that scarf on, she look at me with a sparkle in her eyes and said "This is so me". No need to look any further, that was the right outfit.

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5 Tips to a Stress Free Maternity Photo session

Getting ready for a Maternity photo-shoot can be intimidating. What should I wear? What hair style should I do? How much makeup do I need? Should I get a mani-pedi?

Let me give you 5 tips that will help you get ready for your belly shoot.

1 Envision what your pictures will look like.

Close your eyes and try to visualize your maternity pictures. Are they in color or Black and White? do you show some skin or are you fully dressed? or both? Are you home or outside?

No Ideas yet? Go online and look for inspiration and they will eventually come to you.

By having a general idea of what you want your pictures to look like, you now know what to look for.

2 Find the right photographer.

Now that you have the bigger picture, you need to find the photographer who will bring it to life.


It is crucial that when browsing online for maternity photographers in your neighborhood, you pick the one who's style is closest to what you've envisioned. Make sure to meet with him or her to explain what you have in mind and discus how to make it happen. Good photographers want to know what their clients have in mind and try to recreate that as much as they can.

If you still don't have a precise idea of what you want, choose a photographer how's style you like and let him work his maggic.

3 What to wear?


Your maternity pictures will last you a lifetime and beyond. Your grand children are probably going to look at them as well as their children... I strongly recommend you keep your outfit simple and timeless. Go with earthy tones, creme, beige, grey, white... Use soft colors. I would stay away from strong colored prints as they will steal the attention and make the pictures look dated.

When choosing what to wear try to aim for a top that will hugg your belly. A simple tank top works wonders. I spent my entire pregnancy wearing tank tops and cardigans.

Here are a few outfit combo that always work:

For a home look:

  • Tank top and regular jeans (keep open) or maternity jeans. That combo is also great for the family shot as daddy and little brother or sister can wear the same thing.

  • Cardigan, Tank top (or cute bra if you dare) and yoga pants. (keep the cardigan open, lift up the tank top to show the belly)

  • Long flowy skirt work very well to. You may have to dig into you summer closet ;-)

For an outdoors look:

Layer it. Open jacket with maternity dress and scarve. Open cardigan with maternity top and skinny maternity jeans


4 Hair and Make-up

You should do the hair style that represent who you are at this moment of life. No need to get your hair done unless you want to refresh your hair cut.

Your make up should stay as natural as possible. Fondation, concilor, eye shadow, mascara, blush and done!

Getting a manicure and pedicure would be a good idea. Your hands will more then likely be shown and if you shoot at home you will probably be bare feet.

5 Getting ready

in order to get your beauty sleep, very important before a photo-shoot, you should put you mind at easy by getting everything ready the night before.

Here's a quick check list that can help:

  • 2 to 3 outfit options
  • your partner and little one's outfit
  • little baby props you would like to place in the picture (baby shoes, sonogram picture...)
  • Make up bag ready
  • Lotion handy

Now relax, you are ready for your big day.

Last tips: A couple hours before your photo session, take out any thing that would live marks on your skin, specially on you belly. Moisturize you belly, bust, arms, legs. If you show it, lotion it. Et voila!

I hope this was helpful. Dont forget to like or share ;-)